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Employee Benefits

How can you attract and retain top talent without paying top dollar?

To compete for the best employees, you need to offer incentives.  McGrath Insurance Group can help you get the greatest value out of your benefits budget.

Dental Insurance

Good dental health will keep your employees smiling.  Dental coverage is an affordable add-on and is especially appreciated at a time when employees are paying more toward the cost of their healthcare coverage. ^top

Disability Income Insurance

Both short-term and long-term disability coverage are available.  Coverage is especially important for professionals, self-employed individuals and those in occupations where being out of work would create financial difficulties.  Insurance provides an income while the disabled individual recovers from sickness or injury that is not work-related. ^top

Health Insurance/Medical Insurance

Today, health insurance is the top insurance concern of any business and of self-employed individuals.  Prices have been increasing at double-digit rates for years, so all employers need help managing healthcare costs.

We can help you control costs through –

  • Competitive pricing.  When carriers compete for your business, we can negotiate the best rates.  As an independent agency, working with many top carriers, we can help you find health insurance that meets the needs of your employees without breaking your budget.
  • Creative planning.  To control the cost of your health insurance, you need to create an incentive for your employees to control the cost of their healthcare.  Attractive options McGrath Insurance Group offers include prepaid plans, such as Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) and high-deductible health insurance plans.
  • Related benefits.  Because the cost of health insurance is so high, employers are increasingly asking employees to share the costs.  Employees will feel better about sharing the cost of health insurance if other benefits are made available to them.  McGrath Insurance Group offers a variety of voluntary benefits and group benefits, such as dental, disability, life and long-term care insurance.  McGrath Insurance can help you develop a long-term cost strategy for your benefits program.

We represent all of the healthcare carriers in the markets we serve.  Our objective is to develop a plan that offers you the best coverage, with excellent claim service, at a competitive price. ^top

Life Insurance

Life insurance is among the most basic and most important employee benefits.  Group life can be used to offer employees at all levels an opportunity to protect their families and provide them with a source of income in case of an untimely death.

It is especially important to have accidental death and dismemberment coverage in occupations where the employee is exposed to potential dangers, such as in a construction or manufacturing environment.

Life insurance may also be used to fund benefits for key executives.  Split-dollar plans and executive bonus plans, for example, can provide retirement income in addition to a death benefit.

Additional information about life insurance is available here. ^top

Travel Accident Insurance

Travel accident insurance is especially useful for executives, sales staff and others who travel frequently.  You never know when insurance will be needed – and you don’t want to run the risk of having an accident when you are far away from home. ^top

Voluntary Programs

What if you could offer your employees valuable benefits without paying for them?

Employee benefits can help you attract and retain talented employees.  Even if you already offer attractive benefits, adding on voluntary benefits – which cost you nothing – can show your employees that you value them.

Voluntary benefits are a convenient way to provide your employees with the protection they need.  By making coverage available through payroll deductions, you can help employees and their families get the coverage they need.  Voluntary benefits McGrath Insurance Group offers include:

  • Life Insurance for employees, their spouses and dependents
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Income Protection
  • Accident Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance, with executive carve-out options ^top

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