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Life Insurance

Life insurance comes in many forms and serves many purposes for both businesses and consumers.

In its most basic form, life insurance is used to provide income for a family in case of the untimely death of the family‚Äôs breadwinner.  But it can also be used to transfer wealth from one generation to another, to provide income during retirement and to fund a business succession plan.

Life insurance can be used to ensure that your mortgage is paid, and different forms of life insurance can provide funding for long-term care or income in case of a disability.  It can create an incentive to attract and retain key employees, or serve as a source of financing.

Whatever your needs, McGrath Insurance Group can develop a plan to provide just the right life insurance product to meet them.


For Businesses

Life insurance can fund the transfer of ownership when an owner dies, protect a business from the loss of a key employee and even help fund a retirement plan.


For Consumers

Whether you want to protect yourself from a potential accident or the need for long-term care, or you want to protect your family in case of a tragic loss, life insurance can help.