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About McGrath Insurance

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At a time when financial institutions are trying to be all things to all people, McGrath Insurance Group, Inc. continues to focus on what we do best – protecting our clients with insurance and related products by developing insurance plans for both consumers and businesses.

We take pride in settling claims quickly and fairly.  Our claims servicing has helped boost client retention levels well above the industry norm.  A client survey showed a satisfaction level exceeding 90%.  We’re proud to say that a majority of our business comes to us through referrals.


My grandfather, Albert N. McGrath, always knew there would be a place in the community for an insurance agency that serves its clients’ needs by getting to know them personally.

That philosophy served him well more than 75 years ago and it continues to serve us well today.

A.N. McGrath left his career in banking and founded A.N. McGrath Insurance Agency in Southbridge, Mass. in 1927 – just before the Great Depression.  He quickly learned that it is during troubled times like the Depression when people need insurance protection most.  He worked with the American Red Cross in 1955, when flooding devastated the Southbridge area, helping residents get their lives back together.

He always saw his role as maintaining good relationships with the local community and making certain that the businesses and people he served were taken care of.

Since then, we have grown to more than 20 employees with two offices in Central Massachusetts.  We now serve clients throughout New England and are licensed in 15 states, but we continue to focus exclusively on insurance.  This focus enables us to learn everything there is to know about insurance and the products we sell, so we can provide our clients with exactly what they need.  We combine solid insurance planning for our clients at competitive prices, while supporting our clients’ objectives.



In many ways, McGrath Insurance Group is the same as it was when my grandfather founded the company.  We continue to establish and maintain strong relationships within the community we serve.  And we still believe, as my grandfather did, in making certain that we not only pay claims that are owed, but pay them as quickly as possible.

People buy insurance for protection and security.  It is up to us to deliver on the promises that insurance offers.  That means responding to valid claims promptly.

As an independent agency, we are not tied to any one insurance carrier.  To provide the best coverage for our clients, we maintain close relationships with the industry’s leading insurance carriers.  This creates an opportunity to give our clients the best possible coverage at a competitive, affordable price.

Richard A. McGrath, CIC, LIA
President and CEO

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