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Business Insurance

Start With A Plan

Need to find affordable healthcare coverage?  Looking for benefits that will help you attract and retain key employees?  Expanding your business into global markets?

We develop professional insurance plans for a variety of businesses, ranging from sole practitioners to major corporations, and for a variety of risks, from worker’s compensation to directors’ and officers’ liability.  We have an in-depth understanding of the insurance needs of metal-working companies, manufacturers (especially those in the plastics and medical device industries), biotechnology companies and service businesses, including professional and medical practices, real estate companies, retail businesses, and banks and other financial service companies.

Insurance Plans and Audits

To understand insurance, you need to understand risk.  That’s why we begin every business engagement by researching your business and your industry to identify where risk exists.

An insurance audit can be conducted for a specific type of coverage or for your entire business.  The resulting audit details the exposures unique to your business and the coverage needed to eliminate those risks. 

As an independent agency, McGrath Insurance can identify the best and most affordable way to fill any gaps in coverage.  We work with some of the country’s top insurance companies.

Based on your needs and input, we then develop a plan so we can provide you with the best coverage at a competitive cost.

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