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General Products

McGrath Insurance Group can serve the complete insurance needs of your business, whether you are a service business or a manufacturer, large or small, a high tech company, contractor, retailer or in the real estate business.


Every time an employee drives one of your cars, your company is at risk.  Your net worth is behind the wheel.  Whether you have a small automotive fleet or a large one, you will need to be certain that your business has the coverage it needs to protect your employees and your business.

We can carefully design and negotiate the proper insurance coverage you need at a competitive rate.  ^top

Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance (also known as business income insurance) replaces lost revenue resulting from a direct physical loss or damage to property from a covered loss.  Business interruption provides indemnification for your future loss of net profits, continuing expenses and other extra expenses for a period of time when your business is closed.

McGrath Insurance Group will work closely with you to create a business income insurance plan with the objective of placing you back in the same financial and operating position following a loss as you were in prior to the loss.  ^top

Completed Operations

This insurance covers contractors’ liability for injuries or property damage suffered by third parties as a result of a contractor completing an operation. ^top

Crime Insurance

Crime insurance provides protection against claims for burglary, robbery and other theft of company assets, including money.  ^top

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability

Directors and officers are subject to greater risk than ever before.  When someone commits a negligent act or omission, or a misstatement or misleading statement, and a libel suit results, everyone who has responsibility for managing the company is at risk.

As a result, directors’ and officers’ liability coverage is typically needed just to attract and retain the talent you need to run your company.

McGrath Insurance works with both public and private companies to help directors and officers understand their responsibilities and coverage needs. ^top

Employment Practices Liability

Every business today must have policies in place to protect the business against lawsuits.  But even with the best policies, employers cannot fully protect themselves from the actions of every employee.  Charges of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination and more are common today.  As an employer, you are liable for the actions of your employees, which increases the risk of managing your business.  Employment practices liability insurance can provide the protection you need. ^top

Errors & Omissions

Errors & omissions insurance provides coverage against lawsuits resulting from errors, omissions and other negligent acts resulting in bodily injury, personal injury or property damage. ^top

Fiduciary Liability

Fiduciary liability insurance provides protection against claims resulting from holding property (such as a company pension fund) or acting on behalf of another in trust.  Insureds are covered against charges of failing to exercise proper care in safeguarding property left under their care, custody or control. ^top

Foreign Liability/International Insurance

International insurance and foreign liability insurance provides protection for companies that do business abroad and need special coverage.^top


We live in an age where businesses can be held liable for almost anything.  If there is any connection, no matter how remote, between your business and an incident where an individual is seeking damages, your business will be named in a lawsuit.  The more successful your business is, the more likely it is that it will be named.  A general liability policy can protect your business when a negligent act or omission results in a bodily injury or property damage on your premises, resulting from a product manufactured or distributed by you. ^top

Medical Malpractice

Because of malpractice lawsuits, physicians today must pay a significant portion of their income just to protect their practice in case of negligent acts or omissions.  We have many years of experience working with physicians and know how to provide the best possible coverage for a competitive price – even for hard-to-insure specialties. ^top

Product Liability

Almost any product can cause an injury if used improperly.  Sometimes it is impossible to foresee how an injury may occur.  Product liability insurance can prepare you for the worst and ensure that a lawsuit doesn’t ruin your business.  Coverage can be purchased for damages caused by a manufactured product that has been sold, or for bodily injuries or property damage caused by an operation a manufacturer has completed. ^top

Professional Liability

A basic general liability policy does not protect against claims resulting from the use of business or professional services.  Attorneys and accountants, architects and engineers, lawyers, dentists and software programmers are all at risk every time they do their job.  A serious error or omission, or even just the perception of one, can cause extensive damage and result in a lawsuit with the potential for a costly settlement.  With the right professional liability insurance program, you can do your job without worrying about the potential risk of lawsuits. ^top


For the same reason that homeowners need to insure their homes, owners of commercial buildings need to insure their real estate.  Fire, floods and other natural disasters can damage or destroy your property.  People can be injured.  McGrath Insurance Group has the experience to provide you proper insurance protection on a variety of property risks.

Transit (Cargo)

Transit insurance protects your business against the loss of, or damage to, property that is shipped.  A policy can be written for businesses that continuously ship products or for a single shipment. ^top

Workers’ Compensation/Employer’s Liability

Workers’ compensation insurance covers death or disability, and the resulting cost of medical care, rehabilitation and lost wages, for employees.  Damages may result from work-related injuries or disease, without regard for fault, and are based on workers’ compensation laws for each state.  McGrath Insurance is licensed to sell workers’ compensation coverage in 15 states.  Employer’s liability insurance covers claims resulting from liability caused by an occupational injury or disease. ^top

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